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The World – Tarot of Marseille


The world is a major arcane. It is the 21st card of the Marseille tarot.

Symbols of the World

The World symbolizes: time, creation, fertility, fertility.

On the Arcane of the World, the goddess of life is represented. Motionless in the center, it represents the flaming eternal fire. Its position of dynamic equilibrium symbolizes activity, youth and life.

On the forehead of the goddess, we can see a district of Moon: symbol of fertility and menstrual cycles.

An oval garland refers to feminine symbols.
The egg is the concentrate of the new life.
Almond is the result of marriage and fertility.
The snake that bites its tail is the eternal transformation.

The goddess unveils a breast. Her exposed breast and female organs are the seat of training and birth.

The angel, the bull, the lion and the eagle represent the four elements, the four colors, the four magic imperatives (the will, the knowledge, the silence and the audacity).

The world represents the ancient female deity of the Earth.

Places, time, and duration of the forecast

Le Monde represents spring, May’s me, Mondays and Fridays, Cancers and Bulls.

It is associated with stock exchange offices, banks, woods and farmland.

Card effect lasts from one to three months.



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