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The Lover – Tarot of Marseille


The Lover is the 6th major arcana tarot Marseille.

Symbols of the Lover

The Lover represents indecision, love, choice, jealousy, wealth, Hercules, the Hebrew letter vav.

The Lover wears brightly colored clothes. This refers to the very human, influential and flexible nature of the young man.
On the arcane are two women, one of whom is a queen, virtuous and moral, and the other is a young woman with disheveled hair, representing the hedonistic aspect of life.
Above the arcana is Cupid’s bow and arrow, representing the union of Sagittarius with Tiphereth sefira.

The green color is attributed to the goddess of pleasure and seduction: Venus. Yellow, representative of money, is also associated with envy, jealousy and wealth.

The Arcane of the Lover represents a young initiate who will be able to enter a group as a peer once the final exam is completed and passed.
Referring to the mythological scene of the young Hercules having to make a choice with Chiron. He must also make a choice (which will determine his future life) between two women. These two women promise her both concepts of virtue and vice different. On the arcane, the Lover is represented indecisive, hesitating between the two women.

Forecast duration

The Lover is associated with clinics, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, fields, offices.

The effect of the card corresponds to 15 days – 3 months.



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